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ELT Testers - BT200 Series - Limit Tester Now Available!

Test all Cospas Sarsat ELTs, EPIRBs, and PLBs.

ELT Tester

General Overview

New and Improved! The BT200 follows in the footsteps of the BT100 – the most popular Beacon Tester in the world! The BT200 has improved measurement accuracies, is inherently rugged, and is intuitive to use. Now completely integrated, this tester packs a whole lot of measurement capability into a very small package.



BT200 Brochure
BT200 Software
BT200 Operator's Manual

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BT200 Beacon Tester

Building on the features of the industry standard BT100, the BT200 offers improved measurement capabilities and in a fully integrated and ruggedized device. The BT200 meets and exceeds the measurement requirements for EPIRBs (IMO MSC/Circ.1039 and 1040) and for ELTs in the USA (FAA Part 91.207), in Canada (CAR 571 Appendix G), and Europe (CAA/EuroCAE requirements).  These Beacon Testers in fact form a cost effective solution by eliminating the need for other costly test equipment.  Don’t risk incomplete testing of your beacons – use the BT200 to test them thoroughly.  In compliance with your Quality Assurance requirements, detailed calibration data is included with each Certificate of Calibration.

The BT200 provides thorough beacon measurement capabilities at an affordable price and includes:

  • Receiver is fully integrated into the device
  • Device is IP68 rated – Rugged and waterproof!
  • Capable of complete 406, 121.5, 243 MHz channel measurements
  • AIS-EPIRB ready
  • Receives all Cospas-Sarsat past, current, and future frequency channels
  • Capable of decoding all Cospas-Sarsat protocols
  • Includes an internal temperature sensor for measurement accuracy
  • Direct connection power measurement accuracy to ± 0.25dB on 406 MHz!
  • External coax allows direct connection between Beacon and tester (no external attenuator required)
  • Internal antenna measures beacon transmission over the air.
  • Very intuitive and easy to use software – familiar Android based operating system
  • User can add text, audio, photos, and videos to each measurement
  • Automatically creates PDF Test Report along with a delimited file
  • Easily transfer measurements to PC for data storage or data analysis
  • Also can measure 121 or 121/243-only beacons (C91a ELTs)
  • Graphic display of 406 MHz:
    • Phase modulation
    • In-band frequency spectrum
    • Power during the burst
  • Exceeds all IMO, FAA, IC, and EuroCAE EPIRB and ELT inspection requirements
  • Identifies manufacturer and model number from Cospas-Sarsat approval list
  • Free software and firmware updates.

Included with your Beacon Tester purchase:

  • Fully integrated, rugged BT200 Beacon Tester
  • RF Input Interface Cable
  • OTG/USB cable
  • USB cable
  • AC mains charger
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Watertight Storage Box

BT200 Series Screenshots

General Screenshots

Measurement Screenshots

Limit Tester Screenshots

Graphs and Test Report Screenshots



Ordering Options for the BT200 Series Beacon Testers

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